Luke Tully

Oh hey. I’m a software developer, skateboarder, and Canadian. I’ve been doing some form of software development or programming professionally for about 6 years, but about 10 in total. I’m from a small city in the Canadian prairies called Winnipeg. I’m heavily interested in Computer Science and problem solving in general; design of all sorts; the web as a platform; travelling; and geographic information systems. Being part of the broader development community is important to me; whether that means attending conferences and meetups or joining a discussion on any of Slack, Discord, or StackOverflow. I consider myself very experienced with most web standards—not every build tool or framework out there; and like to dabble with all kinds of different technology such as Cocoa, Java, Android, C++, Pascal, and Python. I enjoy learning about how things work; working with people more experienced than myself; and sharing the knowledge if the opportunity presents itself. Sometimes I’ll write on this website, but I don’t take it seriously. One thing I do tend to take seriously is developer environments. You won’t find me working productively shoved into a cube farm with commodity PC hardware and a tie. I'm not a consultant. In fact, you might as well throw that 10lb computer in the barn on that farm and burn it down right now for the greater good. My personal work is done on a 13” Macbook Pro because it allows me to get work done and not hate myself. I have more respect for companies that support developers with great tooling or lower the barriers to using their own equipment. I tend to work well with people who aren’t afraid to speak their mind, have a passion for something, and get away from their screens once in a while. In exchange for a workplace that doesn't suck more than it needs to, I'm more than happy to work like hell to make something good. Just not at the cost of my well-being. I think those criteria are entirely reasonable, but if you think I'm an entitled millenial then I'd invite you look elsewhere.

If you agree, and want to get in contact, my email is