Luke Tully

My name is Luke Tully. I’m a software developer, skateboarder, and Canadian. I’ve been doing some form of software development professionally for about 6 years, but about 10 in total. I’m from a small city that’s occasionally colder than Mars called Winnipeg. I’m heavily interested in Computer Science and problem solving in general; design of all sorts; the web as a platform; and travelling. My academic background is limited; but includes an Internet Systems Specialist Diploma from the University of Winnipeg. Being part of the broader development community is important to me; whether that means attending conferences and meetups or joining a discussion on any of Slack, Discord, or StackOverflow. I consider myself very experienced with most web standards—not every build tool or framework out there; and have a fair bit of knowledge in other areas, such as Android and Mac development. Learning new things is awesome. I enjoy explaining how things work; learning from others if the chance presents itself; and helping to answer questions that people have. Sometimes I’ll write on this website; but I don’t take it too seriously. One thing I do tend to take seriously is the physical work environment. You won’t find me working productively shoved into a cube farm with commodity PC hardware; in fact you might as well throw the computer in the barn on that farm and burn it down right now for the greater good. My personal work is done on a 13” Macbook Pro with Retina display and I have more respect for places that support developers with great tooling. I tend to like people who aren’t afraid to speak their mind, have a passion for something, and get away from their screens once in a while.

If you are looking to hire me, or just want to get in contact, my email is